Bachelor Cooking: Grape Nuts Ice Cream

This is a popular New England comfort food.  And when I was recovering from recent ankle surgery, I asked my Facebook friends if anyone could bring me some ice cream and a box of Grape Nuts cereal.  Sure enough, someone came through.

And if you’re feeling that urge for a crunchy-yet-sweet snack, then I recommend you try this little treat.


  1. One pint of ice cream (any flavor you choose, although I’m partial to Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia)
  2. One box of Grape Nuts cereal
  3. Kosher salt (everything tastes better with kosher salt).

Here’s how this works.  Take the ice cream out of the freezer and let it soften for about ten minutes.  Take a scoop out of the carton and put it in a dish.  Add one tablespoon of Grape Nuts and stir it into the ice cream.  Add more ice cream and more Grape Nuts until you have a decent mixture.

The Grape Nuts will remain crunchy inside the ice cream, which is just fine.

Put the kosher salt back in the cupboard until the next recipe.

This makes for a really great comfort food, and during this time of struggle, we could all use some decent comfort food, amirite?