So I drove … and now I can’t.

On Saturday morning, I got out of my house … I walked down the porch steps … and I sat behind the steering wheel of my car.

For the first time in three months.

And I drove.

No, I didn’t do a grand trip to the Boreas Ponds with five cameras and a back pack of snacks.

After three months of recuperation on a surgically repaired right ankle, I needed to be able to drive my car.  The Uber trips were taking a big chunk out of my wallet, and riding CDTA just … took … for … ev … er.

First up … a slow trip to the intersection in front of my house.  Carefully stepped on the gas pedal … then on the brake.  Okay.  I feel the proper resistance of my foot on the pedals.

Left turn.  Another approach to an intersection.  Slowly … gradual braking.  No herky-jerky slam-brake for me.  All seems normal.  We’re doing good here.

A few more approaches and turns … okay.  Now for the next test.

I drove my car over to Watervliet and stopped at the local Family Dollar.  Picked up some items – coat hangers, carpet cleaner powder, that kind of stuff – and got back in my car.

Okay, let’s try another trip.

I drove to the Stewart’s in Watervliet – the one on 25th street, not the one on 21st street, in case you were confused – and bought some foodstuffs.

Then I drove home.  Parked the car.  Back to normal.

Finally.  After months of rehabilitation from that broken ankle, I can officially drive again.

JUST IN TIME for Governor Cuomo to give the order to have all of us New Yorkers work from home.  Argh.

Okay.  Let’s not push this driving thing farther than I need to.  I’ve got plenty of food and supplies here, so let’s see how sheltering in place will work for me in terms of avoiding COVID-19.  Besides, with my new experiments in macro-photography, I can certainly find plenty of flowers and twigs and other goodies within a 50-foot walk of my house.

You know … something like Audrey III up there.  😀

The fact is – we’ll all get through this if we all do what we’re supposed to.  Wash your hands, give people plenty of distance, respect those who have to work or travel in these conditions, and don’t be a jackass.

Again … we’ll get through this.

But if there’s an emergency … at least I can drive to safety.  That’s a positive right there.