So there’s supposed to be an April Fool’s Day post here…

I had an April Fool’s Day post scheduled for today.  I really did.  I worked on it for weeks.

And to be honest, it was a masterpiece.

Yesterday … I shelved it.  Maybe I’ll re-run it in 2021, maybe I’ll delete it from my incomplete blog pile.

COVID-19 has claimed another bastion of normalcy.

Background.  In the past, I’ve used my April 1st blog post as an “eff ewe” to various organizations and societal norms.  They’ve been funny, they’ve gotten reactions – heck, the reason I’m an independent blogger now is because the Times Union clutched their pearls three years ago when they didn’t like my April Fool’s Day post about Kellyanne Conway speaking at the UAlbany commencement.  Aww…

But today, after much thought, I couldn’t do an April Fool’s Day post.  It wasn’t worth it.

As it is right now, I’m looking at my schedule and seeing things that I’ve enjoyed doing for years – decades – my entire life – disappearing in 2020.  TulipFest has been cancelled.  I’m not even sure that my college will have its reunions this year.  Competition season is hanging by a thread.  Shit, if this thing hits November – when I have my personal holiday of driving turkey dinners for Equinox AND photographing the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train – and those things don’t happen – then just cancel Christmas already.

Again, I know these are petty and small things at a time when people are dying and doctors can’t save them fast enough.  So if an April Fool’s Day prank has to suffer for the better good … then so be it.

Let’s hope we get to a better place soon.  Because I hate where we are now.

I hate it.

Now how am I going to explain to people that Tiger King Joe Exotic has been released from federal custody and has been pardoned by Donald Trump?

Well, I guess THAT ain’t gonna happen …