K-Chuck Radio: The Hits of Apryll Aileen

I knew Apryll Aileen from way back in the day.  During the years when I worked with the Premier Basketball League, and later with the National Basketball League of Canada, Apryll was an employee with the Saint John (N.B.) Mill Rats.  She worked very hard for the team, and always had a big smile for every event.

But her dreams were not limited to being a basketball team executive.  She wanted something more exciting.

And she’s followed that dream – to a burgeoning recording career.

Apryll’s had a couple of Canadian hits already, with songs like “Hey Sugar” –

And then another hit, “Don’t Make Me Wait” –

But her most recent recording has been burning up the Canadian music charts.  And this is not a poppy dance song.  This is an emotionally powerful ballad, called “I’m Still Alive.”  You need to hear this.

“I’m Still Alive” actually made it to the Top 100 in the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s “Searchlight” poll of previously undiscovered Canadian music talent.  So that’s impressive in its own right.  But damn, this song is incredible.

Meanwhile, Apryll has toured both Canada and the United States with her brand of soulful rock / pop music, and here’s some footage of her in Venice, California with her song “Ain’t Right.”

Now if she could just come to the Capital District and perform a concert or three … of course, as soon as we can all gather together and enjoy such things as concerts …

But I guess that’s why we have music videos, don’t we? 😀

For more information on Apryll Aileen and her music, visit her website at http://www.apryllaileen.com.