After the Rain as a metallic print


Last year, my macro print of water droplets on a dandelion, After the Rain, joined my collection of “triple blue” award winners, as it took blue first place silks at the Altamont Fair, the Big E, and the Durham Fair.  It was only my fourth-ever print to pull this “triple blue” achievement, and I had big plans for the photo in 2020.  It would be one of my three entries into the upcoming Capital District Photo Regionals.  That and two other prints.  I was so excited.

Now, with COVID-19 shutting down everything left and right, I don’t know what the status of the Photo Regionals will be this year.  However, in preparation for the event, I wanted a spectacular print of this artwork.

Yesterday, it arrived on my doorstep.  All the way from my metallic print company, ArtBeat studios in California.

I give ArtBeat a ton of credit.  They make fantastic metallic substrate prints, and I’ve never been disappointed with their work.  And their shipping and packing ensures that the print will arrive safely and without damage.

After I removed all the protective packaging, sliced off the tape, and separated the artwork from the wooden backing board …

Well would you look at that.

I swear, this mage looks more and more spectacular every time I print it.

But now with Competition Season 2020 up on the air, what can I do with this?

I came up with a solution.

There’s a bare wall in my apartment, a bare spot right behind my television.  And after affixing the three blue ribbons this picture earned to the print’s base …

Now that looks awesome.  And there’s room on the print for any other blue ribbons this little picture might claim.

That is, if there are more competitions in the future.

We shall see …