The assholes of COVID-19

Understand this.  I have a MAJOR love and support for those who are doing their part to help fight COVID-19.  I’ve donated to charities that bring food to doctors and nurses and first responders who are working double shifts and rescuing as many people as they possibly can during this horrific pandemic.  I support those minimum wage workers who continue to keep us fed and warm during this time of crisis.

And with that, I am disgusted and horrified at the actions of people who willfully and maliciously disrupt this fight.

Like Daniel Hall, for instance.

Hall currently sits in jail, accused of slashing the tires of nearly two dozen vehicles in a Westchester County hospital parking lot.  These were the cars of doctors and nurses, people who are currently fighting to save lives and offer compassion during this time of need.  And this chud went and slashed their car tires.

Although the hospital has said they will pay for the replacement of the tires, now these doctors and nurses need to take their cars to auto repair shops and tire stores – which keeps them away from the hospitals where they can save lives – and also brings them into areas where the COVID-19 virus might exist.

Congratulations, Daniel Hall.  You have confirmed to all of us that you are a disgusting person and a waste of breath.  You chump.

And let’s also talk about some people who are gaming the system to screw Instacart shoppers over.

Right now, people who use shopping apps to have someone purchase their groceries are offering these shoppers big fat tips to buy the groceries – sometimes upwards of $50 / order – and then, after the groceries are delivered, the app users reduce the tip to $0.  That’s not a typo – they’re bait-and-switching Instacarters for big tips, and then yanking the tips away afterward.  Here’s a CNN story on it.

Are you fucking kidding me right now?  These gig workers are right there on the front lines.  Many of them have to buy their own face masks and gloves, they put up with you kvetching because you substituted the almond milk due to YOUR brand not being available, and then you yank their tips afterward – not even realizing that they’re currently working a SUB-minimum wage to get you your food??

Wow, talk about class superiority.  I hope you fucking sleep well at night, you clowns.

Shit like this pisses me off.  And you can tell I’m pissed right now, because I usually don’t curse this much in my blog.  But for crying out loud, why the hell would people do shit like this?  Do you get off by breaking hospital workers’ spirits (and budgets) by slashing their tires when they’re trying to save lives?  Do you get a stiffie because you made someone schlep all over the grocery store because you wanted to feel superior?

Ugh.  Just straight up ugh.  Grow up and have some respect for yourself.  Because the only thing that shit like that does is make you look petty and entitled.  Trust me, I know about people who are petty and entitled.  Their souls are as black as their filthy hearts.

We are better than this.

Do the right thing, people.  Stop treating other people like shit in this time of crisis.

Fighting COVID-19 is our number one priority.

Don’t ruin it by acting like you’re a pile of number two.