The angels of COVID-19

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about those cretins and cruds who would disrupt and take advantage of others during this COVID-19 war.  It’s the equivalent of the old “war profiteers” who hoarded vital supplies and the jacked up the prices to sell them to those in need.  Ugh.

Today, I want to share a story of how the average citizen is going above and beyond to help out others in this time of crisis.

And it involves masks.

Around the country, those who have the ability to print 3D items are being asked to print and distribute protective masks.  Here’s a reddit link to one such operation in PittsburghHere’s a reddit link to a subreddit in Albany where others are making the masks.

Basically, the plan works like this.  If you have a 3D printer, there are files that can be downloaded that will help you create a printed mask that fits perfectly to your face.  The volunteers who are making these masks are then donating them to local hospitals free of charge.

This is incredible.

And if printing 3D masks doesn’t fit in your forte, how about all the stories of people dusting off their sewing machines and making facial masks from their fabric collections?  Listen, every little bit helps in the war against COVID-19, and if you can sew and you can follow a simple pattern, you can help out in this fight.

What we’re discovering right now is that this pandemic has shown us what people are capable of when they are challenged.  We are all soldiers in this war against COVID-19.  Some are on the front line – the doctors, the nurses, the first responders, the hospital staff.  Some are helping keep the supply chain going – that would be the gig workers, the drivers, the essential employees.  And others are keeping the home fires burning – as they conserve, as they make do, and as they put together their own help and heart for the war effort.

Yesterday, I was angry.  Today, I am humbled and thankful that there are people in this world who, when a crisis arrives, will say, “How can I help?” rather than “Not my problem, you deal with it.”

These are the heroes that will help us defeat COVID-19.

Because we will win against COVID-19.

I mean it.