Stormy Daniels doesn’t need your money for that

There’s a website out there called Cameo, in which you can pay to have an athlete, actor, musician, public figure, whomever, wish your best bud a Happy Birthday or a congratulations or the like.  You could get Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars to congratulate you on your retirement; you could get Kevin Conroy to do his best greetings to you in the classic Batman: The Animated Series voice.  This is fun.

Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress / director, is one of the selectable talent on Cameo.  For $250, Stormy will record a video message that can be sent to one of your friends or co-workers or loved ones.

Well … someone paid Stormy Daniels to give a Cameo shout-out to someone named “Joseph,” who was retiring next year.  And apparently “Joseph” was going to retire with his family and visit Ukraine next year.  So Stormy recorded the message.

Well, the message was for “Joseph,” but here’s how it was essentially rerouted.


Yikes.  This prankster got Stormy Daniels to essentially dump on Joe Biden – the “Joseph” in the request.  Which made the rest of the message – about spending time with the family in Ukraine – unreasonably unsavory.

Well, faster than you can say “Michael Avenatti embezzled my retainer,” Stormy Daniels fought back.  She outed the Cameo requester on Twitter – essentially stating that the person had requested the Cameo shout-out under false pretenses – and announced that not only would she send that $250 payment to the Joe Biden campaign, she would also donate the funds from any more Cameo requests that day to the Biden election efforts.

Microphone … meet floor.

The great thing about Cameo is that it does allow people to provide a cool video of a popular star to their friends and family.  But the weird thing about Cameo is that you could actually get a star to say something that, depending on the context, could be rather embarrassing.  Brett Favre had that happen one time, where a white supremacy group paid him to produce a Cameo video that contained coded messages and words that could, in turn, be used to promote racial and religious hatred.

Which in itself is sick.  Someone gamed the system and tricked a public figure into endorsing a repulsive concept.  Same thing as what happened with Stormy Daniels.  To Daniels’ credit, however, she turned it around and made a chicken sandwich out of that chickenshit request.

Now, as for me, would I ever want a Cameo video request?  It depends … I mean, in six months my blog will have reached an amazing, uninterrupted 11-year one-post-a-day run, so that’s something … but if anyone’s going to do that for me, at least could you get either this IIconic personor this IIconic person … to congratulate me on it instead?

Besides, I’ve got the best video of Stormy Daniels right here at this link.  It’s the perfect video to watch whenever Donald Trump gives one of his campaign rally / press conference / Krakatoa-level meltdowns.