You mean I can get an After the Rain face mask? Wow…

I am all for supporting those people who can make homemade and home-stitched face masks.  I think it’s hella cool that they can do this.  I’ve actually purchased some face masks from some of my friends, in that I know we’re going to need to wear them for a very long time.  Trust me, COVID-19 is going to hang around like an ex that doesn’t take “restraining order” for an answer.

I appreciate the creativity involved in making these masks.  And I appreciate what we’re all doing to help stem the tide and flatten the curve.

Which brings me to this page.

A company called Canvas Discount is offering face masks that can have a special printed image on them.  Whether it’s flowers, or hearts, or a big smile … they’re definitely cool-looking.

But guess what … there’s an option that allows you to upload your OWN photos, which will be printed on the face masks.  You know, similar to those companies that will allow you to print your own customized T-shirts and the like.  The price charges is $15 per mask with shipping, slightly less per mask if you buy in bulk.  And they do have a caveat that these masks are NOT for medical use, but they ARE good enough to wear around the neighborhood.

So … tell me what you think.

How do you think people would feel if there were masks available with my old Cumulo-Nimbus Eclipse photo from 2017 on it?

Or better yet, how about a nice artisinal shot of my triple-blue winner After the Rain?

But then again, I know there’s those of you out there who will say to me, “Chuck, my man, how about a photo of you with a big smile on it?”

What, like you’ve never seen me smile?

Trust me, I gotcha covered on that one as well.

Here.  I mocked up a mask that has my face and a smile.

Happy now? 😀

I’m still on the fence about this – I’m more willing to give money for custom masks when I know that they’re made by people at home and that money is essentially helping them get through tough times.  And we’re all going through tough times right now.  COVID-19 doesn’t give a shit if you got furloughed and you’re selling your furniture to buy food.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a little fun now and again with a customized face mask.

Besides, I think we could ALL use a little fun right now.