The “Alliance for Progress” Pillow

It is official.  I have been cooped up for too long.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m making homemade pillows.

No, I’m serious.  Chuck Miller has stitched together a homemade pillow.  This COVID-19 quarantine sequester has turned me into a hobbyist that crafts in realms I haven’t experienced before.

At one point in time, I purchased what I thought was an old flour sack with some waycool advertising on it.

This is what was normally printed on sacks of flour and wheat that were sent from the United States to countries in need.  It was a John F. Kennedy-era plan called the “Alliance for Progress,” and it lasted until the mid-1970’s.  And as you can see from the side panel, the product also touted its appeal in (from top to bottom) Spanish, Hindi, French, Pashto, Indonesian, Farsi and Bosnian.

So I thought I was buying a vintage flour sack.  Nope.  It was a fabric print of what such a sack might resemble.

Well, no crying over spilled flour.  😀

I decided that rather than waste the fabric, I would create something out of it.

And after watching some YouTube crafting clips, I found the perfect concept.

Let’s make a pillow out of this fabric.  Okay?

I measured the available fabric, with the understanding that I wanted the English AND the foreign language translations in the final result.  That would give me a finished pillow of approximately 18 inches by 16 inches.

I trimmed two 16×18 squares of the fabric, put the advertising pieces face-to-face, and pinned the edges of the pillow.

Then, with a needle and thread, I carefully stitched the perimeter of the fabric.  I finished three sides, then turned the fabric outside-in.

Now it’s time to stuff the pillow with the fabric insert.

And then, using what I understand is called a “hidden ladder” stitch, I sewed the pillow up and sealed the fabric tight.  It’s not the sharpest “hidden ladder” stitch, I wouldn’t recommend my sewing skills for stitching up a wound, but it’s my first time at ths.

The project took about two to three hours on a Sunday afternoon to accomplish by hand … but here’s what it looks like when complete.

In other words, I made a nice little accent pillow with a cool motif.

And it’s another day that kept me busy during this nationwide quarantine from COVID-19.

Besides, who couldn’t use a nice little accent pillow in their home? 😀