The Big E’s photography contest is ON … with some additional options…

Last week, I noted that it’s very unlikely that the New York State Fair will operate in 2020, and if it doesn’t, then the photography competition therein would be in question.

The Big E’s photography competition, held in conjunction with the September Big E in Massachusetts, apparently is still on.  And they’ve added some new wrinkles to the competition.

In addition to the two entries photographers are allowed in this year’s competition, the Big E has opened a separate themed category – Division 51 – in which photographers are encouraged to submit their entries in themes that are inspired by our current pandemic.

First off, here’s the link if you are interested in participating.

There are three subcategories available, and you are allowed to submit a maximum of two photos total (not two in each subcategory, just two overall).  Division 5101, “Heroes in our Community,” is accepting entries now, with a deadline of May 20, and will be judged May 20-31, with awards given on June 1.  Division 5102, “Graduation,” will accept entries on June 1, with a deadline for June 20, will be judged June 21-30, with awards given on July 1.  A third division will be announced in June, for July submissions.

The top photos from these divisions will also be displayed during the Big E’s 2020 run in September, so that’s a nice perk in and of itself.

Even though I still don’t know if we’re actually going to have a Big E in 2020 – how in the world are you going to allow thousands of people to pack into those fairgrounds, where social distancing in New England would be akin to saying, “Keep wicked fah apaht”?

I still don’t know.  I’m not sure I ever will know.

But one thing is certain.

I might sneak in a photo into this competition.  I mean, I’ve already got my two photos designated for the Big E’s standard photo show, assuming it takes place.

Gotta go for it, right?