Best Cleaners did me a solid

I’ve mentioned in this blog about how, when this COVID-19 war is over, we should support the companies that did more than just put out an advertisement that said, “We’re here for you,” and actually SHOWED they were here for us.

So with that, let me wholeheartedly recommend Best Cleaners for your Capital District laundry needs.

I shall explain.

A few months ago, when I broke my ankle, I couldn’t take my clothes to the laundromat.  And so the clothes piled up.  Eventually I discovered that a local laundry service, Best Cleaners, offered pick-up, wash-and-fold and drop-off service.  I had to subscribe for a monthly service, which I did.  I put my clothes in a Best Cleaners green bag, left it on my porch on Tuesday morning, then on Friday morning the bag would return, along with my washed and folded clothing.  Aces.

This service has lasted me thoughout my ankle recovery, and into the current COVID-19 situation.  I don’t care if my ankle is healed 100%, there’s no way I’m going to any of these coin-ops right now.  So I stayed with Best Cleaners.  Why waste a good thing?

Then, last Thursday, I received an e-mail from Best Cleaners.  They were offering me two different laundry programs and two different subscription services.

Oh, great.  This is like when Spectrum says, “We’re here for you,” and then they jack up your cable rates.  Ugh.

So I called Best Cleaners.  If I’m changing my laundry subscription, I want to make sure I’m getting plenty of bang for my buck.

And here’s where Best Cleaners did me a solid.  The representative said that, for my monthly loads of laundry, I was paying TOO MUCH for my subscription, and they wanted to offer me a plan that was $25/month CHEAPER than my current plan.

That’s right – this company wasn’t looking to gouge me on an essential service.  And trust me, clean clothes are an essential service.

So we moved my plan to a less expensive model, which still gives me plenty of laundry pounds per month.

This is what I’m talking about.  Best Cleaners is doing a great service – my clothes are nice and clean, they’re folded, and the pick-up and drop-off dates are like clockwork.  And trust me, this is from a guy who practiced “bachelor laundry,” which involved doing everything wrong with your clothing loads.

So yeah, wholehearted endorsement for Best Cleaners.

FTC Disclaimer: The opinions of this blog are solely those of the blog writer.  At no time did Best Cleaners ask for a testimonial in exchange for any adjustments in rates or service.  There was no quid pro quo associated with this blog post.