So I’m wearing a mask…

In one of his daily briefings, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo grumbled that it’s hard to get some people to wear face protection when they go outside.  Social distancing, and all.  So one of his daughters asked if there was a way to get people to wear masks – by encouraging those who DO wear masks in public to explain why it’s a good thing to do.  And perhaps there could be a contest – the best 30-second public service announcement would become one of the State’s official commercials.

Mind you, during this time of crisis, I’ve acquired a few non-medical masks.  I purchased some from my friends, I ordered some “custom-made” prints with my photos on them.  I’m probably also going to get some themed masks, I could use a Pittsburgh Steelers mask, and All Elite Wrestling has some masks from their more popular wrestlers (hmm, a denim-themed mask in honor of Orange Cassidy?  Yes, please…).

So I figured, with the masks I had, why not try to make a little 30-second public service announcement?

A friend of mine was coming over for her own personal photo session (she was taking pictures of friends on porches), so after I posed on the porch for her, I asked her to film me as I wore different masks.  I then took the footage, edited it down to a crisp thirty seconds, and attached it to my social media platforms – with the appropriate tagging, of course.

And here’s what came out.

Again, it’s just one guy with a BlackBerry camera phone.  But if you also want to put together your own video for this campaign, go to  and submit your entry.  They’re accepting submissions until May 15, so you might want to hustle to get yours done in time.