So Chuck’s return to radio … it’s really happening.

Background.  During the current COVID-19 pandemic, my alma mater, Hamilton College, essentially shut down its physical campus.  Students were taught via teleconference, and Hamilton’s usual extracurricular activities were culled for the year.

All except one.  The college radio station, WHCL, continued to operate.  And that’s mostly because it was able to have a combination of digital-delivered music and audio-delivered on-air talent.

And during the summer, the WHCL board offered an opportunity for college alumni.  If you had the chance to produce a radio show, would you produce one for the college?

I don’t think I’ve ever replied so affirmatively, so quickly. 😀

Last weekend, my timeslot was approved.  For the years I was on WHCL, I claimed a Friday evening prime-time slot for my Nightowl Radio Show broadcast.  If they could find a spot in this Summer 2020 schedule for it, I’d really appreciate returning to Friday nights.

They gave me Friday night at 11:00 p.m.


I installed an audio compilation program called Audacity on my computer, and immediately set about assembling a one-hour radio broadcast.  Once the show is complete, I can convert it into one mega-mp3 and upload it to the WHCL databank for my Friday night broadcast.

So this Friday, at 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 p.m. Pacific, I will return to the airwaves for the first time in 35 years.

So what will this new Nightowl Radio Show encompass?

Heck, you’ve seen 11 years of my blogs, just pick out any K-Chuck Radio post and you’ll get a reasonable idea.

But if one has to group things, I would say that the new Nightowl Radio Show will play a mix of great songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the like.  Regional hits, international smashes, alternative “first wave” tracks, smooth dance music, all of it.

The plan is to provide this show as a summer replacement series, then step aside when Hamilton’s new students (including the Class of 2025) get behind the microphone.  I’m cool with that.  For me, this is a fun excursion back to one of my happy places.  Believe me, at Hamilton there were days where I was about as out of place as the Mandalorian in Westeros, but the moment I sat behind the microphone at WHCL, I felt like there wasn’t a single care in the whole wide world.

And to experience that feeling, one more time…

It’s definitely a bright spot in this crappy, COVID-infected 2020.

And if you want to hear my show, tune in Friday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern.  You can hear the show on 88.7 FM in New York’s Mohawk Valley, or you can stream the show on

So let’s do this. 😀