How to tell when Donald Trump is spewing fake news

Well, this hasn’t been a great week for Donald Trump.  He lost two Supreme Court cases, one involving the rights of LGBTQ men and women to hold employment without fear of discrimination, and one that prevented DACA men and women from deportation.  John Bolton has a book out.  His niece Mary Trump has a book coming.  Joe Biden’s lead in the Presidential polls is ballooning.  COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Florida and in Arizona.

So, did Donald Trump try to mend some fences?

Are you kidding me?

No.  He attacked one of his favorite hate targets, CNN.

Watch this.

At first glance, it would appear as if Trump had found – and retweeted – some slanted CNN-biased report against him, using this as a “look, look, they’re all after me” position.

But look closer.  Especially at the splash screen that makes up this video.  That’s not CNN’s normal text font.  The letters are too thick and short.  And they would not use a black font on a red background, television networks know to use contrasting colors to make words easier to read.  And “Todler”?  You’re telling me that CNN doesn’t know how to spell “Toddler”?  Yeesh.  Then again, this is coming from a source that thinks “hamberders” and “covfefe” are proper spellings.

The video itself is haphazardly altered and edited to suit Trump’s views – that CNN is taking potshots at him.  When, in fact, the original story was of a much happier (and less racially sensitive) moment.  Here’s the original story.

And people woke up to this on, of all days, Juneteenth?  The day that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just recently gave as a state worker holiday, with hopes to make it an official statewide holiday by next year?  A holiday that celebrates the arrival of news that slavery had been abolished nationwide, so named because it took until June 19th for word of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to reach the then-far-away state of Texas?

Great timing, Trump.  Hey, maybe you can show some kids in cages during Yom HaShoah.

Yep, just another instance of this President stoking hatred again.

The scary part about this … we’ve gotten used to this crapola from this clown.  What stupid thing will he say at an upcoming news conference?  What incendiary statement will he make at one of his MAGA rallies?  What other horse shit will he come up with in one of his 2:00 a.m. tweetstorms?

Ugh.  Someone get me a real President.

Not this one, that prefers to tweet out bullshit memes and claim that he’s being persecuted.  Ugh.