Racism on the corner of Hopper and Genesee Streets

Jakeila Phillips puts up with racism more often than she should.  She lives in Utica, and she’s dealt with idiots who use the N-word and a few other choice expletives in her general vicinity.

Last week, she had the good fortune to record one of these chuds in action.

And she posted it on her FB page.  Here’s the link.  I thought about embedding this in my blog, but this is really her experience, and you need to see it from her perspective, not from mine.

For those of you who are uncomfortable watching this kind of video, too bad.  It’s gross.  This chud is shouting out of a car’s passenger side window.  As the car drives up Genesee Street in Utica (you can see the marquee of the Stanley Theater in the distance), he shouts something at Jakeila Phillips.

She rolls down the window and asks what he said.

He says, clear as day, “I said I hate N——-.”

The two cars pull up to a traffic light at the intersection of Genesee and Hopper Streets.  The chud then continues on with his rant.  “Put me on Facebook,” he says, seeing that she’s got her phone out and is recording the incident.  “Black lives don’t matter.  N——-.!” he screams, just for emphasis.

She asks if he has anything else to say.

“Blacks should be slaves.  Give me back my grandparents’ property, it might have been your fucking ancestors.”

She then asks him his name.

He tells her his full first and last name.

She then asks what he does for a living.

“I cook.  I’m a chef.  And I hang n——- on the weekend. ”

The light turns green.  The car speeds off.

Well, guess what.  That video went viral.  And we found out that among this potty-mouth chef’s employment stints was at a little university twelve miles away from downtown Utica.

And on Sunday morning, that college’s response was swift and straight.

“Dear Hamilton Community,

A Facebook video came to our attention this morning, showing someone who previously worked at the College as a contract employee of our food services provider making despicable racist slurs. I am appalled by what is on the video. He will not work here again and has been banned from our campus effective immediately. The behavior shown on the video is an extreme violation of our community standards and will not be tolerated. We will review our own and our contractors’ employee screening and training policies to be sure appropriate requirements are in place.

I will also reach out to the Utica resident who was the target of this individual’s slurs. I want her to know that racism and bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated at Hamilton College.

David Wippman, College President.”

Don’t even come at me with “Oh, he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing,” or “Oh, he was probably having a bad reaction to medicine,” or “Oh, he saw the camera and was pretending to be a racist,” or any other excuse.  This bonkbrain showed his true racist colors on the first go-round.  In the span of less than 60 seconds, he used the N-word at least three times, he made comments about slavery and reparations, and he drove off, probably not even giving a shit about the consequences of his actions.

Well, guess what, chiselbrain.  This is going to stay with you.  Good luck finding a new job, because I’m sure your employer’s going to be REAL thrilled about you spouting off your racist ideologies on the corner of Hopper and Genesee Streets.

And for that matter, this cloven hoof was a passenger.  What about the driver of that car?  I didn’t see him stepping up and saying, “Hey, don’t do this, knock off your shit, man.”  No.  All he did was drive.  What’s his excuse?

Ugh.  Well, at least this guy won’t be serving food on the college campus ever again.

And I do hope the college does something nice for Jakeila Phillips, just to show that they won’t tolerate bigots and racists on their campus.

Carissima, you clown.