Would you like to help be part of WPTR’s FM signal?

As you might know from reading this blog, I am a fan of the reborn WPTR.  On Friday nights, I can enjoy the Chip Ordway Record Show (by the way, why aren’t you listening to the Chip Ordway Record Show?), and there are other community-themed shows throughout the week.

But the only ways I can enjoy this station are either online, or at 1240 AM on my radio dial.

And this needs to be fixed.

And you can help.

WPTR was originally scheduled to be broadcast on both the AM and FM frequencies, with a 97.1 FM channel set up.  And they set up the 1240 AM radio channel first, with the FM signal to follow once they had the requisite radio tower set up.

But the station became a victim of COVID-19, as advertising dried up to a trickle.  This put the 97.1 frequency on hold, because other bills needed to be met.

But if you’re interested in helping the station grow and prosper in the community … here’s your chance.

Click here to visit a GoFundMe page, where you can donate whatever you’re able to help WPTR secure that radio tower to acquire that 97.1 FM frequency.  A contribution of $50 or more can earn you a commemorative WPTR T-shirt, as well as an invitation to the new dedication event for the FM signal activation.

Trust me, this radio station deserves your attention and your consideration.  So how about being part of the community and making WPTR part of your community?  😀