Star Trek: Lower Decks? Set phasers to obliterate.

Of late, there have been several attempts to invigorate the Star Trek television universe.  There’s the series Star Trek: Discovery, which has its good moments and its bad moments; there’s the Star Trek: Short Treks anthology series, where Trek-related stories are provided in 10-minute snippets; and there’s Star Trek: Picard, which makes me worry every time I see the main character do anything action-related (and which also relies on a TON of fanservice). And there’s also plans to assemble a Star Trek series which features the reimagined Captain Pike, Mr. Spock and Number One from the original 1960’s pilot “The Menagerie” (and who were featured in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery) as their own series.  I can get with these.  These make sense.

Then this popped up.

Oh yeah, like this is a real TV series.  Someone probably got a video editing program for their birthday, and cobbled some images together to make …

Wait, are you saying this is real?

A Star Trek animated comedy series?  For reals?

I watched it again.

And …

Would you excuse me for a moment?

(running to the bathroom)


(coming back)

Okay, I’m fine now.

First of all, what in the name of the ghost of Gene Roddenberry is this shit?  I understand boldly going where no man has gone before, but there are some places where NO ONE should go.  This counts as such.

First off, the idea of an animated Star Trek series has been done before.  Way back in 1974.  And they used the original actors and they used the original screenwriters and the show even won an Emmy award for its efforts.

Oh, hey, but wait, this is supposed to be a sci-fi comedy series about the people who work menial jobs in space, right?

Meh.  This has been done to DEATH.  It was first attempted in the late 1970’s with the TV series Quark…

What, you thought that was a one-off?  Thou hast never heard of the one-season wonder that was Homeboys in Outer Space, hast thou?

And even when there HAS been a successful sci-fi comedy series, it takes them forever to make new episodes.  For example, one of the most successful sci-fi comedy shows is the spoof Red Dwarf, which has aired, what, 75 episodes in only 30 years?  I’ve seen Boston release albums with more frequency.

“But it’s animated and it’s science fiction and it’s a comedy,” I hear next.

Yeah, you know what else is animated and is science fiction and is a comedy?

These guys.  And they’re much funnier.

All I’m saying is that, based on what i saw from the trailer, Star Trek: Lower Decks is so derivative of everything that’s come before it, I almost expect Seth MacFarlane to create an animated series called “The Orville: Lower Decks” in homage to it.

I’m sorry, this just doesn’t work for me.  What’s next?  A Star Trek soap opera?  A Star Trek game show?  A Star Trek Sunday morning gospel hour?   A Star Trek Christmas special with Bea Arthur and Diahann Carroll doing musical numbers?

And the worst part about this program is, well, there will be people who will try to integrate elements of Star Trek: Lower Decks into the official Star Trek canon.  Yeah, no thank you.

As far as I’m concerned, THIS is the only “Lower Decks” Star Trek I consider worth watching.

Much better.  I can handle this.