So I signed up for this NBC Peacock streaming video service…

I don’t know why I get involved in video streaming services.  I sign up for them, then I watch two shows total on that channel.  I added DC Universe, and all I watch there is Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn.  I signed up for the History Channel, and all I watch are reruns of Forged in Fire.  Same thing with the Discovery Channel; yeah, if it isn’t Deadliest Catch or Bering Sea Gold, I’ve got other things to do.

So now that the new Peacock streaming service is available…

Well, it’s free, might as well see what’s on the lineup.

Well, if I ever want to binge-watch every single Law & Order (and Law & Order: CI and Law & Order: SVU), I’m golden.  Oh yeah, there’s some other NBC shows, some old classics from the Universal TV lot (classic Columbo episodes, but no McCloud or McMillan and Wife?  Feh.).

Yeah, still not impressed.  Chuck’s gonna need a real reason to watch this Peacock streaming service.

Oh look, here’s a list of all the TV shows they have available.

They have a lot of old Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Alfred Hitchcock Hour... oh good, it’s the old episodes, not the reboot from the 1980’s where they colorized Hithcock’s intros and put them in new filmed storylines.

Oh, all five seasons of Friday Night Lights.  Great.  Any time I need a Coach Taylor inspirational speech, I know where to go.

Ah, 21 Jump Street.  If you only know of the two movies, this was the TV series where Johnny Depp (yes, THAT Johnny Depp) was part of a police force who infiltrated high schools to bust crime.  The show lasted for five years, and amazingly, they never ran out of high schools to infiltrate.

Oh, here’s SeaQuest DSV and its follow-up, SeaQuest 2032.  This was one of Steven Spielberg’s big attempts to create a sci-fi series for the small screen.  the fact that it lasted longer than his other attempts – like Amazing Stories and Earth 2 and Terra Nova – is like saying this show was the fastest statue in the museum.  Look, see Roy Scheider in a televised sci-fi show!  See Jonathan Brandes try to be a teen idol!  See a talking dolphin who can speak English!  Yeah… no.

Okay, let’s see.  Lincoln Rhyme.  Nah.  Lock Up.  I guess.  Lost Speedways with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Are these the tracks that are gone, or the tracks in which he finished ten laps down?

Keep going.  Hmm.  Love ChildManifest.  Monk.


Wait wait wait.

Is that…

No, it can’t be.

But can it be?

Can it truly be??

The show I followed for four years, the 1960’s period drama about the roles of unwed mothers in society … I can watch it without resorting to alternative means of acquiring the episodes?

This show?


All right, let me watch an episode of this and…

Wait, $4.99/month because this show is part of a pay tier?

You know what?

Where’s my wallet?  This show is seriously worth binging, all 36 episodes of it!

If you haven’t seen this show, then you have no idea how great it was.  It was a whole examination of the lives of unwed teenagers in the late 1960’s sexual revolution, and how some of them were kept in a home for wayward girls (as was the custom at the time) until their babies could be born and adopted out (again, unwed mothers weren’t allowed to keep their babies, forced adoptions was actually law in Australia at the time).

You are not going to go wrong if you watch this show.  Trust me on this.

Okay, Peacock.  You’ve got my attention and you’ve got my money.

Now if you can snag shows like Murdoch Mysteries and the 1970’s Upstairs, Downstairs, we gonna be in good shape. 😀