The Influence of Teachers…

First off, this blog and its author are supporters of the work of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).  And for a junior House representative to have a chance to speak at the Democratic National Convention … even for a scant minute … that’s big stuff.

And by “scant minute,” I mean it.  She’s limited to sixty seconds in front of the microphone.  Mostly just to introduce another speaker, I presume.

So AOC posted this on her personal Twitter account.  It’s a very inspirational poem, and it shows that she understands the importance of where she is in the world right now, and what moments like this mean.

Well, one of AOC’s Twitter followers gave her a bit of a memory jolt.  All the way back to second grade.

That tweet came from AOC’s second grade teacher.  Of all people.  Her second grade teacher follows AOC on Twitter.

And the moment AOC realized who had just tweeted at her … oh man, here come the feels.

That’s right.  In a moment of inspiration, AOC’s second grade teacher tweeted her a message of support.

And when it comes to education, whether it’s in-class or remote or home-schooling, we count on our teachers and professors and educators to guide our youth.  During COVID-19, it’s more difficult than ever.  But students and teachers are doing their best.

As opposed to someone whose idea of studying for a test is getting someone else to take the SAT’s for him.

Dude, do you REALLY want to get dog-walked by AOC?  Because you’re about to get dog-walked by AOC.  And she fears you not.

Yeah, don’t try getting in a Twitter fight with AOC.  It’s like bringing a spork to a “Forged in Fire” audition.