How about supporting the championship work of Ken Screven today?

You know him from his years as WRGB’s top on-camera reporter.  He’s interviewed everyone from governors and mayors to average citizens.  And even in retirement, he has stood up for the rights of the LGBTQ nation.

And with that, Ken Screven will be honored and feted by the Albany Damien Center, and will receive the 2020 Hero Award for his unwavering work in the community.

The birthday celebrations will start September 12,  and will culminate with a live online event on September 17.  Throughout this time, Ken’s body of work will be shared for all to see, and there will be tributes from those whose lives he touched.

This is also a fundraiser for the Albany Damien Center, and donations can be made at this link.

In addition to the celebration and honorarium , there will also be an online auction, with the proceeds benefiting the Damien Center.

Oh, and if you happen to spot an acrylic-coated version of a photo you might know of as The  AGFA Bridge Over Ansco Lake … well, I dropped it off at the Damien Center yesterday, so it will be part of the fundraiser.

The AGFA Bridge Over Ansco Lake. AGFA Chief camera, AGFA 200 color print film wrapped in Ansco 616 B&W film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Trust me, Ken Screven and I go WAY back.

I told you.  Way back.

For all the work that Ken has done in the Capital Region, both with a microphone in his hand and with the conscience in his heart, let’s all show that we appreciate him as much as anything.

I mean, what are you waiting for?  Go over to the Albany Damien Center link I posted earlier and make a donation.

It will be the happiest donation you will make all day.  Trust me on this.