Idiot tries to stalk, kidnap pro wrestler

There’s a very fine line between professional wrestlers and their fans.  When everyone stays in their lane, pro wrestlers can entertain the fans, and the fans can support the pro wrestlers in purchasing T-shirts and merchandise.

But when the matches are over, the pro wrestlers go home.  They change from their blue tights and wrestling boots into regular clothing.  They have families and pets and lives away from the squared circle.  They’ll entertain fans for hours at wrestling shows and at promotional get-togethers, but afterwards, they keep their lives private and safe.

Then you have Phillip A. Thomas.  The “Idiot” in this story.

Phillip A. Thomas was obsessed with professional wrestler Sonya DeVille.  DeVille, who’s wrestled in the WWE for about three years, has made a name for herself as a tough, no-nonsense wrestler with a cage-fighter background.  That obsession evolved into stalking, and according to the Tampa Bay Times, Thomas drove from his South Carolina home to DeVille’s Florida residence.  Once he reached the residence, he waited until midnight, then he cut a hole in a patio screen door and forced his way in.  He waited a few more hours, then tried to enter the house through another door – eventually setting off an alarm.

Thomas was captured by the police.  In his possession were zip ties, a knife, duct tape and mace.  He is currently incarcerated without bail.


First off, how fucking stupid do you have to be to even attempt to break into anyone’s home, let alone the home of a professional wrestler?  And while we’re at it, what did you think was going to happen once you got there?  These are trained athletes, even the smallest cruiserweight could shoot on some underdeveloped mark and break some bones in places no one ever knew existed.

I just can’t.  This is nuts.

I don’t even want to write this blog post any more.  Ugh.