NBC did AOC dirty last night.

Last night, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appeared at the Democratic National Convention.  She spoke eloquently and efficiently.  Her words were carefully selected and showed intelligence and compassion.

Here’s her nomination speech.

So you’re probably wondering why, in her speech, she seconded the nomination for the Democratic nominee for President … to Bernie Sanders.

Stop clutching your pearls.  Before anybody gets all “AOC went rogue and should have been supporting Joe Biden, she just gave the presidency to Donald Trump” screedy… let’s get some things straight.

During the primaries, while Bernie Sanders did not receive the majority of delegates necessary for the nomination, he did receive enough delegates to qualify for a courtesy nomination.  This is nothing new.  It’s a formality.  Eventually the runner-up in delegates makes a pitch to release all his delegates to the front-runner, we have a unified ticket, balloons and confetti fall from the rafters, all of that.

In fact, although AOC verbally seconded the nomination of Sanders, she did acknowledge her support for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Well, apparently one network kinda missed that part.  And instead, they focused on who AOC mentioned in her speech … and who she didn’t mention.


Holy Huntley-Brinkley Report, Batman.  NBC did this?  This wasn’t a prank by One America News?  I haven’t seen anything that head-scratching coming out of NBC since that time Chuck Todd said … (update whatever Chuck Todd said recently)

So once NBC released that slanted tweet, the hate started spilling in.  There’s already plenty of people who have vilified AOC for everything from working as a bartender (Quel Courage!), to her intelligence (don’t try it, she’s smarter than you are), to her belief in the rights of workers and of working families.  Hell, there’s probably some QAnon message board that links AOC to the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.

The NBC tweet just added more fuel to the fire.

Now eventually NBC corrected their statement … with a follow-up tweet in the middle of the night.

But come on, NBC.  You had to do AOC like this?

Of course, AOC did not take kindly to this.


And another thing here.  Nobody bothered to mention that AOC actually SECONDED the Sanders nomination, the original nomination was from the former president of the United Auto Workers.  But I don’t see anybody returning their Chryslers because of a Bernie nomination.

If you watch MSNBC (which I do on a frequent basis), you hear so much about how they’ve promoted the voice of women in politics.  Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski has a platform called “Know Your Role,” which promotes the strengths of women in the world.  Nicole Wallace recently had her “Dateline: White House” increased to two hours a week, and Joy Reid has been a more-than-credible replacement for Chris Matthews at the 7:00 p.m. slot.  But when NBC puts out a tweet that makes AOC look like a turncoat … it goes against everything women in politics have strived to achieve.

And yet we instead get what amounts to twitter clickbait.  It makes AOC look like a backstabber.  And that’s not right.

Try again, NBC.  You can do better than this.