In the criminal justice system, birthday wishes are handled by the dedicated detectives of the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. Bong Bong…

So my son Kris just turned 34 today.  34 years old.  He’s maybe 13 years older than Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Now I could have sent Kris a package, but right now the US Postal Service is being Trump-i-fied into a mess.

And I could have sent Kris a gift card from Amazon … but that’s just being lazy.

So I turned to the Cameo online celebrity greeting service.  Cameo allows people to request greetings and birthday wishes and whatnot from a myriad of celebrities, and then those videos are posted on the recipient’s Facebook or Twitter accounts.  I used this service recently, when I got RuPaul’s Drag Race star Shangela to provide words of encouragement to Kris upon his upcoming surgery.

Okay.  Let’s see who I can get from here… Oh, there’s several actors from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit here.  Ice-T … no, he’s out of my price range.  Diane Neal, who played ADA Casey Novak … nah, her videos seemed too rushed.  Dean Winters, who’s been on and off the show as a recurring character … nah, I see him and I think the guy from the Allstate insurance commercials.

Oh, look, there’s Tamara Tunie.  She was the coroner on SVU for many seasons, even made it at one point to the opening credits as a main cast member.  I checked out her other greetings, they were in the style that I wanted for Kris – positive, upbeat, friendly.

Last night, I received the Cameo recording from Tamara Tunie.  It was perfect.   It was all I could do to keep from posting it on Kris’s page before his actual birth day.  Which is today.  Which is why it’s posted now.

Oh yeah, and I also added it to his Twitter page.

Once I receive any word on Kris’s reaction, I’ll post it here.  Thanks so much, Tamara Tunie, for recording this video for Kris.

But if anybody’s thinking, “Well, Chuck, what if I wanted to get you a Cameo video?”  Well, if you really, really, really wanted to make my day…. I’m good with an IIconic, or another IIconic, or a Pawn Star, or a Bar Rescuer, or a Bar Rescue mixologist, or the Schwarz Amish from Amish Mafia, or a Pittsburgh Steeler, or an Albany Patroon who made it to the NBA, you know … something along  those lines … that might be fun.

But for now, let’s just celebrate Kris turning 34.

Oh, and by the way, the executive producer of this blog is not Dick Wolf.

Bong Bong.