(25×2) + 7…

Hello, 57.  There were times when I thought you and I wouldn’t meet.

You know what looks good when paired with a 57?

This does.

You know what else looks good with a big 57 on it?

This guy when he’s throwing a no-hitter.

And you know what else looks good when it’s paired with a 57?

Bruce Springsteen.

Of course I have to consider the 57 varieties.  Because there’s nothing better out there than Hines 57 varieties.

Yeah, I spelled that correct.  I’m not talking about the ketchup … yet.

Okay, I do mean to showcase the ketchup … or at least a ketchup with a kick.

And since there are 57 varieties … maybe I should try a recipe with these baked beans.

But yeah, here I am.  57.  I’m still on the race to whatever the finish line may be.  Later rather than sooner, I certainly hope.

Damn… 57.

Hello, 57.  Stay with me for a year, until I’m ready to meet 58, okay?