There’s a lot of mashups that haven’t been done … but just you wait … just you wa-a-a-a-a-ait…

When you have a cultural phenomenon like the Broadway musical Hamilton, it’s going to touch every aspect out there.  People will make jokes that encompass the lyrics, maybe even hum a little “You’ll Be Back” from one of King George III’s solos, that kind of thing.

So today, I was puttering around YouTube and, yes indeed, I found several of the Hamilton songs – which apparently mash up rather successfully with other pop, rock, rap and R&B songs.  So yeah, the hip-hop musical can get a bit hip hopped as well.

So check this out, shall you?

First off, this person on YouTube – chrispy_mashups – has blended together the Hamilton song “The Room Where It Happens” to the Panic! at the Disco song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.”  Wow, I hadn’t thought about Panic! at the Disco in … man, it’s been a while.

This next mashup takes the Schuyler Sisters’ introduction song, and blends Angelica, Eliza and Peggy with Chilli, T-Boz and Left Eye.  Wow.

Apparently no song in the Hamilton catalog is safe from mashup-i-ness.  For example, here we have the Angelica Schuyler song “Satisfied,” blended with the OneRepublic song “Stars.”  Works closely.

This one kinda caught me off-guard.  It’s one of the ballads from the Disney film Moana, blended with the Eliza Schyler-Alexander Hamilton track “Take a Break.”  Wow.

I gotta tell you, some of these songs seem tailor-made to mash up with each other.  For example, what if, when Alexander Hamilton sings about not throwing away his shot, he was instead in the middle of a rap battle somewhere in Detroit?

In fact, here’s a chance to make Imagine Dragons sound … well … at least more tolerable.

But let’s face it.  There’s only one person who’s truly capable of mashing up the best Hamilton songs out there.  You know who he is, and so do I.

Take it away, Mr. Yankovic, sir.