Why am I not nervous this time?

I don’t like hospitals.  And I hate medical procedures.

My last memories of loved ones are in hospitals.  And every time I go under the anesthesia, I worry if this might be the time when I go from St. Peter’s to Saint Peter.

So why, in the name of all that’s holy, am I not completely freaking out about an upcoming colonoscopy tomorrow?

Yeah.  Chuck’s getting a colonoscopy tomorrow.  It’s time, it’s been ten years since my last one, and I remember how nervous I was at the time – heck, I blogged all the way up to the day it happened.  But this time?  Eh.  Get the two bottles of Gatorade, buy the magic powder, pour the magic powder into the Gatorade bottles, drink until the colon is as clean as the inside of a straw.

The last time I had a colonoscopy, I was scared shitless.  Yes, you saw what I did there.  But this time?  Nothing.

Even recent medical procedures (cataract surgery, ankle repair) haven’t given me the same animus as this.

This is strange.  Not that I’m having a colonoscopy – heck, if you’re of age, you should get one.  But the fact that I’m not freaking out over the procedure … this is not Chuck-like.

Maybe it’s because, after all the quarantine and the COVID-19 that’s still going on, I’ve grown numb to medical procedures and hospital visits.  Heck, last Saturday, when I had a pre-surgery COVID test, I was joking about making sure I didn’t sneeze in the middle of the test, or the Q-tip that was jammed up my nasal cavity would launch out of me like a javelin.

Am I letting my guard down on this?  And should I?

Here’s why people get colonscopies.  Colon cancer is treatable if caught early.  If you can remove the diseased polyps in time, you minimize your risk of colon cancer.  Plain and simple.

That’s how I’m factoring this.  It’s preventative.  It’ll take an hour, and before I know it I’ll be home, in my comfy chair, watching Yellowstone (no spoilers, please, I’m only halfway through the second season).

So let’s just see how things go.  Take care of things now.  Preventative maintenance.

Great, now I’m treating my body like I’m restoring a car.

Well, there is that argument that nothing runs like a classic Chevrolet… 😀