Mike Poole made it through the worst … so far …

If you’re not a regular watcher of NBL Canada basketball games, let me introduce you to Mike Poole.

Let’s show another clip here.  Just so you understand who Mike Poole is.

If you’re not a regular watcher of New York City streetball games at the Rucker, let me introduce you to Mike Poole.

Here’s the player specs on Mike Poole.  He is a 6’5″ small forward, who started his basketball career with Rutgers, later transferring to Iona.  From 2016 to 2019, he was one of the stars of the Halifax Hurricanes, helping the Nova Scotia crew reach the NBL Canada finals twice.  He was a quality individual both on and off the court, as he also worked with basketball camps and community outreach throughout the Halifax area.

Then, on August 22nd, things violently changed for Mike Poole.  The Cape Breton (N.S.) Post reports at this link  that Poole was attending a party in New Jersey, when an altercation broke out.  In the altercation, Poole fell out of a window and plummeted two stories – to land on the hood of a parked car.  He’s been in intensive care since then.  But he’s getting better.

His good friend and longtime teammate, Halifax Hurricanes player Cliff Clinkscales, has been by his side through Poole’s recovery, and has tweeted messages of support and encouragement for Poole’s fans.

Mike Poole was in a coma.  He’s now out of the coma.  He’s been able to walk short distances from his hospital bed.  He’s also been able to tweet directly to alert everyone to his progress.

Obviously, right now Mike Poole’s basketball career is a secondary consideration.  The big thing right now is to get back to health.  Whatever it takes.  God does not put mountains in front of us unless He knows we can move those mountains out of our way.

So right now, if you have a spare prayer in your prayer book, please send it to Mike Poole for his recovery.

Oh yeah, and apparently he also appreciates decent old-school music for his recovery.

You know I’m going to oblige in that request.

Let’s see … old school music … basketball player … yeah, I got this.

Get well soon, good man.