They got Al Capone for tax evasion, too…

Last night, the New York Times broke the news that they had analyzed Donald Trump’s taxes.

So the man who claimed to be worth billions paid $750 in taxes in 2017.  He also claimed losses for decades on his property and real estate holdings, which meant that he’s either the world’s most inept real estate mogul, or he’s a tax cheat the likes of which we have never seen.

I’ve written in the past about how I’ve had to deal with taxes in the age of Trump.  To guarantee that I can at least salvage a refund each year, I’ve designated a massive amount of federal and state tax withholding from my paycheck, just so that I don’t get hit with a monster tax bill every year.  Because if I don’t, then I’ll surely pay more than $750 come tax time.

And I’m not a billionaire.  Or at least I don’t claim to be one.

Now some might argue that Donald Trump has found loopholes in the system, and Jeff Bezos hasn’t been hit with millions of dollars in personal taxes, either.  But Jeff Bezos isn’t the President.  Nobody elected Jeff Bezos on the claim that Jeff Bezos would Make America Great Again.  Apparently the country elected a tax cheat who blatantly got away with it for years.

And I’ve also heard the arguments that Trump paid millions of dollars in taxes on his properties.  No.  He had withholdings taken from his employees’ paychecks, which is required by law to do so.  So that’s not Trump’s money.  That’s his employees’ money.  So that argument doesn’t count.

Oh, and here’s one of the ways he evaded taxes.  He paid his daughter Ivanka as a consultant in, while Ivanka was already a salaried member of  You know what that is, folks?  Double dipping.  And that was done so that Trump could avoid taxes.  And that clearly violates IRS rules.

And the New York Times claims to have more bombshells from the tax filings.

Hoo boy.  This just keeps getting better.

We’re in a pandemic, over 205,000 Americans are dead (plus maybe an additional 100,000 who died due to indirect COVID-19 situations, such as not being able to get unrelated medical treatments due to hospitals being overrun with COVID patients), and Trump has been enriching himself in the White House.  And his grifter family has gotten rich from it as well.

Trust me, I’m still reminded of how Jared Kushner couldn’t get anyone to buy the overpriced 666 Park Avenue office complex until Trump ordered a blockade around the nation of Qatar, at which time the Qatari government bought the building.  Yeah, I simplified it for a single paragraph, but hey it’s the same thing.  Grifters gonna grift, plutocrats gonna plute, and swindlers gonna swindle.

Oh, and here’s a doozy.  Trump spent $70,000 on – get this – his haircut.

That’s right, the man spent the equivalent of the yearly salary of 2 1/2 “essential workers” to stylize that comb-over.

And you know who couldn’t resist throwing an eclipse full of shade upon hearing this news?

The smartest representative in the House.

Yep, we got it.

Oh, and before anyone jumps on AOC and uses the old “oh, she knows nothing, she’s just a former bartender,” well AOC’s not done throwing shade yet.

Oh man, with all this happening … Tuesday night’s debate between him and Joe Biden is going to be a popcorn-chomping moment.

Oh, and by the way – Biden’s ready.