Bad boys, bad boys, a’ whatcha gonna do, a’ whatcha gonna do when they come for you…

Back in the day, I used to watch a TV show called COPS.  Essentially it was a half-hour of policemen pulling suspects over and arresting them, or police arriving at domestic disputes, and arresting suspects.  There’d always be an episode where the arrestee was shirtless, or the suspect was mouthy and vulgar until the police slapped cuffs on him, then all of a sudden the suspect was polite as a churchgoer.

Oh yeah, and the show had some cool reggae theme music by the band Inner Circle.

It was the same plot over and over again, and although it was worth a watch once in a while, it had probably lasted a few seasons past its expiration date.

That being said, I was reminded of the show COPS when I saw this footage yesterday.

Let’s see … domestic dispute … suspect threatened self-harm … came out of the house shirtless (and I think his fly was open) … cops took him down like it was an Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling match, handcuffed him, hauled him away.  All that was missing was the rasta music and the radio call of “132 and Bush, I’ve got him at gunpoint.”

Oh, and this guy Brad?

It’s this guy Brad.

Yep, that’s Brad Parscale.  Parscale was the guy who figured out how to use social media platforms to target Trump voters to vote for Trump, and for non-Trump voters to stay away from the polls.  He later became the campaign manager of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that he made some bank during his time working with Trump?

Of course, things came to a head when Parscale boasted of huge demands for tickets to watch Trump at a June 20th campaign rally in Tulsa.  Parscale boasted of over a million requests for tickets.  No doubt he got the requests, but apparently those “requests” didn’t mean that people were actually going to go.  Trump gave his rally speech in front of barely 6,000 attendees, less than a third of the building’s capacity.

And you know Trump wasn’t happy with Parscale over being embarrassed like that.

So Parscale got demoted from his job with the Trump campaign.  And now this.

Ten guns were seized from Parscale’s home.  Parscale’s wife had visible bruises on her arms, which were noted in a 911 call.  And Parscale was held by police under the Bake Act, which requires a 72-hour hold for anyone who might do harm to themselves or to others.

Like this is the kind of news Trump needs right now.  He’s already screwed up the response to COVID-19, he’s down anywhere from 10 to 15 points in the polls against Joe Biden – who he has to debate tonight – and now his former campaign manager is sitting in a jail cell.


Hey, can I hear the Bad Boys theme one more time?

Sorry, I know I shouldn’t joke about arrests, especially those that involve domestic disputes or weapons or the like.

But, come on, it couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate guy.

You know what would be the cherry on this sundae?

If someone set Parscale’s bail at $750.  Or essentially, the yearly Federal tax contribution from Trump in 2017.

Sorry, it’s just a softball pitch, and I’m swinging like Barry Bonds.