Did Donald Trump say “good” or “go ahead”?

Let’s get a few things straight. I do not support Donald Trump for President. I believe that he and his cabal of toadies, sycophants and wannabes have destroyed America. And I know that saying this out loud has cost me connections with family members and longtime friends.

You know what? The soul of this country is more important right now.

So at last night’s Presidential debate, the topic turned to the recent story that over 500 refugee children – all of whom came across the border with their parents, but were separated from their parents by the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that doubles as outright cruelty and eugenics. At first, Trump claimed that the children were brought across the border by coyotes. I understand he meant smugglers, I’m not supposing he thought that a certain coyote in New Mexico ordered a delivery of children from ACME to help him catch the Road Runner. #MeepMeep

But at the end of the discussion on the debate topic, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden mentioned that over 500 kids right now don’t have their parents.

Trump said something afterward.

Trust me, right now Twitter’s going apeshit over Trump’s curt dismissal of Biden’s concerns.

But here’s the problem. And God help me for saying this.

I don’t think Trump responded with the word “good.”

Because if you watch the video, Trump isn’t looking at Biden. He’s looking at debate moderator Kristen Welker, he cocked his head back and to the right, and said “Go ahead.” As in “Go ahead and ask me another question, because I really don’t want to talk about what my policy did to cage up children like they were zoo animals.”

Which in itself is dismissive and cold. But not as cold as if he responded to Biden’s message by saying, “Good,” as in, “I’m happy that they’re caged up.”

As I said before, Donald Trump is a slimy little weasel. And when he says stupid shit, or obnoxious shit, or condescending shit, or incendiary shit, or anything that comes from his brain (which predominantly is full of shit), you understand who you’re dealing with and you move accordingly.

Do I think Trump was full of shit in the debate? Hell yes, I think he was full of shit. The best thing I can say about his debate performance was that he at least stayed throughout the event, he didn’t yank off his microphone and stomp out of the auditorium, and he limited his number of gaffes to maybe 25 or so.

But on this instance, I’ll certainly argue that he said “Go ahead” to Kristen Welker to ask the next question, and not “Good” to Joe Biden to boast about his cruelty to refugees.

That’s it, Donnie. In the four years you’ve destroyed this country, this is, for now, the one and only time I will acknowledge you may have been mis-heard.

That’s it. Other than that, your cruelty and ignorance and malfeasance glowers through like your Bisquick facial makeup.

Ugh. I said something nice about Donald Trump. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go scrub my body clean for it.

Where’s my Brillo pads?