The Results of BUILT 2020

It was a BUILT unlike any other. In addition to a commemorative artist’s pin (my 10th), I also received a commemorative face mask. Cute little thing, with Nipper on the front. I hope they make more of these for future BUILTs.

Besides, don’t I look sweet with it on?

Okay, now for the fun deets. All three of my artworks found new homes, as of final bid last night. My electrified view of the Empire State Plaza’s fireworks how – albeit taken in 2018, since there was no show this year due to COVID-19 – hammered for $115.


And my Mohawk Drive-In speaker (with attached Bluetooth amplifier) found a home for $150. Sweet.

And finally, my rhinestone-encrusted Dream Window, featuring the iconic statue of the RCA Victor fox terrier, reached $180, due to a last-minute bidding war.

Now THAT is some impressive bidding.

Once again, my sincere thanks to Historic Albany Foundation for letting me participate in BUILT for my tenth consecutive year. Also, I’m extremely pleased that my artworks not only found new homes, but they also helped Historic Albany Foundation raise money to save Albany’s historic architecture. I half-joke sometimes that Albany’s official bird is the wrecking crane, and maybe the sale of these and the dozens of other artworks at BUILT will help keep the wrecking crane at bay.

Of course, now I have an entire year to plan for BUILT 2021.

What, you think I’m going to wait around? Silly you. I’ve already started work on two projects as we speak.

That’s just how I roll. 😀