Vaccines do NOT have microchips in them. Stop saying that they do.

Do you know what vaccines do? They cure diseases. They eliminate viruses. Without vaccines, we would still deal with polio and smallpox. It is a vaccine that, somewhere down the road, will protect us from COVID-19.

But there are people who still think that vaccines are bad. That vaccines cause autism. Or that a vaccine contains tracking microchips that can control your body and your mind. Or that a vaccine will put the mark of the beast upon your body, and all that that entails with Revelations and the end times and the Rapture. I hope there isn’t anyone I’ve Left Behind

Ugh. No. Stop. Be intelligent about this.

That being said, I’m going to introduce you to a little video by someone named Taylor Rousseau. And if you watch this, please understand … there’s acting, there’s over-acting, and then there’s whatever Taylor Rousseau is conveying.


#pov you’re required to take the mark of the beast (vaccine)or you die, but you know what Gods word says so you deny it🤍 #fyp #foryou #Affirmations

♬ original sound – Slowed songs

If you don’t feel like going over to TikTok and seeing the video … it’s embedded in this Twitter link.

Essentially, Taylor Rousseau is playing two different roles here. In the first video, she is told to take a vaccine, and she reluctantly does. In the second video – which has her as a different character, because she’s wearing a Red Sox cap – she rebels against taking the vaccine, and she gets beaten in the face until her nose and lips are bleeding. She then makes an emotional prayer to the Lord to save her, and in her death, is greeted by the Lord for being an obedient servant and not taking the vaccine.

And the video, which is mimed to the James Arthur anti-suicide song “Train Wreck,” is just straight-up maudlin and manipulative. Ugh. No.

Here’s the problem. I don’t care what your end game is in creating this video, Taylor Rousseau. First off, I’m not a big fan of people marginalizing the plight of abused women, and claiming that if you don’t take a vaccine, you get your face beaten in is just offensive and manipulative. Second off, you’re claiming in the video that if you refuse the vaccine and get killed for refusing, that you become an instant martyr and that God will welcome you into his kingdom of Heaven.

Might want to check with God himself on this one.

And thirdly, you really need to step away from the TikTok. Shit like this will melt your brain cells faster than cleaning your ears with a lit soldering iron.

No. This has to be a joke. This has to be satire.

Trust me, when it comes to heavy-handed storytelling, I could get something like this from a Chick Tract.

Ugh. Just ugh.

Screw this. I need some eyebleach. Right now.

Okay. That feels better. Whew.

I’m telling you, there are days when I need a vaccine from these anti-vaxx wacky packs.

I just do.