Clean your hands. This is the Way.

I’ve been hooked on the Disney+ show Star Wars: The Mandalorian for the past year and a half. I enjoy this “Spaghetti Western” in space, and really packs a lot of action into every hour. I dig the main character, who is essentially the equivalent of the 1960’s “Man with No Name” that Clint Eastwood played in those Westerns of long ago. And, yes, I also get a kick out of The Child. Baby Yoda. It.

Plus, I dig that Disney+ drops new episodes of the show on Thursday nights, so I can get up in the morning, grab a bowl of cereal, and plop my fat ass in front of the TV, just like it was a Saturday morning 1973 cartoonfest. Sweet.

Now, it’s been a while since the days when I used to collect Star Wars memorabilia – I may have had a few trading cards and comic books from the back in the day, but nothing to the level of some Star Wars fandom.

That being said, yesterday while shopping for some new cookware (let’s just say one of my skillets couldn’t handle any more ‘Bachelor Cooking’), I saw this at the checkout aisle.

That’s right, young padawans, this is Star Wars: The Mandalorian official hand sanitizer.

Think about this for a second. Official hand sanitizer. You know, for those days on Tatooine when your hands get so chapped and rough after those pod races. Or you might have come into close contact with a Tusken Raider and you don’t know if you should socially distance yourself.

Okay, cute product. But guess what – it’s officially licensed by the Food and Drug Administration.

No, seriously. Here’s the link.

Apparently this bottle also contains a false label. Yep, you can peel the back of the label for a secret message.

I peeled the back of the label.

Did I get a spoiler for an upcoming episode?

Did I receive a coupon for a free Mandalorian toy?

Um, no. The back label contained the product’s ingredients, instructions and cautions. Don’t keep this in an atmosphere above 105 degrees. So this product should not be stored near an operating lightsaber.

Spills from this product may damage some wood or plastic surfaces. Beskar steel should be okay.

Do not ingest. None of the ingredients involve bone broth.

Now I suppose having The Child on the front of the bottle might make the product more appealing to kids, that they might want to use it and, in doing so, keep the COVID-19 germs away.

Or, as my friend Laurie showed me, just following in the ways of the Child of the Watch makes you less likely to contract COVID-19.

This is the way. 😀