Marjorie Taylor Greene is a brain-dead chud.

By now you must have heard of Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s the House representative from Georgia who essentially ran unopposed in her district. She’s the first House member to openly embrace the discredited QAnon conspiracy, and her short term as an elected official has been equal parts sensationalism and bombast. She’s like Lauren Boebert, only without a gun and with a bigger mouth.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s agenda? Worship at the feet of Donald Trump, and discredit and disavow President Biden on nearly every turn. Oh yeah, and she hates Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib.

Even during the impeachment hearings last week, Marjorie Taylor Greene defended Donald Trump with a fervor of feckless fealty. Oh, and you gotta love that “CENSORED” message over her facemask. Yeesh.

So now President Biden (say it with me, everyone, “President Biden”) hadn’t sat at the Resolute Desk for more than seven hours, when Marjorie Taylor Greene blurted out this pile of mouth diarrhea on the social network Parler.

Of course she says this on Parler, since her Twitter account was suspended for a day because of her incendiary rantings. Wow. This from a brain-dead turdlee that called COVID-19 a hoax, and now suddenly she believes in it and that it’s Biden’s fault that a cure hasn’t been found?

What’s next, Marjorie Taylor Greene? What’s your next move?

I bet I know your next move.

I’ll wager that the next time you get recognized to speak in the House – probably by today – you’ll already be offering your own Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden. I’m willing to put money on that. Because you’re the kind of bonkbrain that would do that. Grandstanding for your orange lord and savior.

I get it. You’re doing the whole “You send one of our guys to the hospital, we send one of your guys to the morgue” scene from The Untouchables. That’s you. You be you. But here’s the thing, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Your game is over. The whole QAnon revelation has petered out. The “great storm” advocated has resulted in nearly 200 arrests on the Capitol invasion. And the gigantic massive protests in all the states?

There’s a Trump-like “bigly” crowd right there in Albany. I’ve seen larger gatherings in a church confessional.

But you know what did happen in this area, Marjorie Taylor Greene?

This QAnon chud got the fancy bracelets and a chauffeured ride to his own exclusive room.

Yeah. So Marjorie Taylor Greene, you vacuous clown, go do what you do. Make a big deal of entering your own Articles of Impeachment on Joe Biden. I know you want to do it today. I know that doing it will make you feel important and relevant.

Trust me, right now you’re working everyone’s last good nerve, and you’re not representing the best interests of GA-14 with your navel-gazing horse shit. Go sit in your chair and let the adults in the room handle the Government’s business.

And word of warning. Don’t even come up against AOC.

Or you’ll understand what it means to get dog-walked all over Washington.

UPDATE: Yep, Marjorie Taylor Greene filed articles of impeachment on President Biden, one day after the man took office.

This woman is dumber than a bag of wet mice.