I see your sea shanty and I raise you a Danceteria.

Apparently the big kick on social media right now is a sea shanty called “Wellerman,” a song about a New Zealand whaling vessel. Of late, the song has received newfound appreciation as performers like Nathan Evans have turned this song into a TikTok sensation.

Now, of course, with all the “Bernie Sanders and his Mittens” memes floating around, someone had to get creative and create a group of Bernies together to sing “The Wellerman.” By the way, what is a group of Bernies called? A “social” gathering?

And of course, if you tired of the Nathan Evans version, there were plenty of reinterpretations of the song out there, just for the taking. Such as this one in the style of an epic rock band, you know, like Evanescence or Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Then again, how would you like a version featuring a right mix of Disney characters? I mean, Mickey Mouse’s first sound cartoon featured him as the captain of a steamboat, so wouldn’t it be quite natural?

But there was something about this “Wellerman” song that kinda got me. Got me right in my creative little noggin.

What if the Wellerman song was not written as an ancient sea shanty, but instead as a late 1970’s / early 1980’s club hit that received some spins at the New York City dance clubs?

Oh, yeah, like anyone’s going to do this.

Anyone who has the songs available…

Anyone who has a free copy of Audacity…

Anyone who has an hour of spare time on his hands and needs something for the blog this morning…

Oh, you know I did.

You abso-freakin-lutely know I did.

Yep, here’s the Wellerman as if it were a Studio 54 or Danceteria or Paradise Garage club hit.

Take a listen.

Oh, I can’t wait to play this on WHCL in a week or two. Hee hee hee hee…