The Paul Winter Consort can get me through a snowstorm.

So I’m trying to get from the Town and Village to reach downtown Albany this morning. Luckily, I’m riding CDTA, so I’m not driving in this godforsaken frostworld. I tried writing my blog post through my cell phone, but that wasn’t very successful.

But as I’m riding to Albany, I’m reminded of a motion picture I used to see all the time at the Empire State Museum. It was a short film entitled “Chronicles of Change,” and it showed the progress of life throughout the seasons. Kind of cool if you’re 12 years old and you need a diversion at the Museum. They don’t have that film any more, I’m not even sure if anyone can find a copy.

But I do remember that there was a soundtrack to that film, by the Paul Winter Consort.

It’s that waycool kind of New Age music that can get you through a blizzard like this. To let you forgive those chowderheads who drive past you while their car is coated in ice, and they’ve only chiseled out a tiny porthole for their front windshield. I suppose they’re arriving to their destination on divine providence. 😀

Anyways, today if you can, take a snow day, relax, go outside and play in the snow, build a snowman, throw snowballs at your neighbor’s dog, whatever. But check out the Paul Winter Consort LP with Icarus on it. I swear it will make you feel much warmer.