Innovera’s quality and product control needs a LOT of work.

An update. Last Monday, the toner cartridge on my Dell e515dw printer ran out of toner. I contacted my personal office supply store, W.B. Mason, and they grabbed a compatible Innovera refurbished toner cartridge and shipped it to me.

The cartridge arrived on Tuesday. The box said Dell, but the product inside said Brother. And the cartridge was NOT compatible with my printer.

On Wednesday, W.B. Mason picked up the toner cartridge for replacement. On Thursday, they sent a new Innovera box to me.

Which … contained another Brother cartridge.

In other words, the box says Dell, but the unit is clearly branded Brother. And if you’ve ever tried to slip a Chevrolet part into a Nissan, it just don’t work.

Okay. So I’m taking W.B. Mason out of the mix. I contacted Innovera directly. I explained the situation. They promised they would send a replacement out immediately.

On Saturday, I received a box from Innovera.

Okay. Let’s open this.

Inside were directions on how to install your Brother cartridge.

And inside – was another Brother cartridge.

Oh, fuck.

Okay, you make a mistake one time, accidents happen. Two times, well, you forgive. But three times in a row? Who the fuck is labeling your product, Innovera? Can they read? Are they capable of cognizant thought? Or are they just slapping labels on boxes willy-nilly and letting the customers deal with the fallout?

Fuck this. I went on Amazon Saturday night and did what I SHOULD have done the first time – I ordered a cartridge directly from Dell.

So now I’m out $76 in product and shipping from W.B. Mason’s first two tries of sending me an Innovera product (and Innovera’s third try), plus I’m down another $48 in buying a toner cartridge directly from Dell.

Somebody owes me $124.

So here’s the thing. I cannot be the only person who got the wrong cartridge. There has to be other Dell e515dw printer owners who have purchased product through Innovera and gotten the wrong thing. What are we supposed to do with these products, since they won’t fit in our printers? Are we to use them as decorative center pieces at fancy dinners?

And here’s the bottom line. I can’t print anything out. This is costing me time and money. It’s completely unacceptable. And a company like Innovera should know better.

These clowns are not making me happy in any way, shape or form. And this is just pissing me off.

Then again, maybe this is how Innovera does business. It’s good enough. Right?

Yeah, we’ll see. Right now, they are in my personal doghouse, and it will take a lot of time for me to let them out.

That’s just me. I count on companies to do their job, and if they can’t do their job, then I’ll find other companies that will. Straight up, boss.