Perception and the Ocular 6

This morning, I woke up – watched last night’s episode of Snowpiercer on demand – and looked out my living room window. Daylight percolated through my window shades.

Glasses are a little cloudy. I should clean them.

And as I washed the lenses with a cleaning chemical, I could see what appeared to be an optical illusion in my glasses. If I held them up to my Venetian blinds, I could cause the blinds to ripple and twist in the lenses.

Opportunity. Grab a camera and shoot this.

Closest camera on hand was the BlackBerry’s KEYone camera. I held my spectacles against the Venetian blinds, and squeezed off a dozen photos with the camera phone.

And now, back to my computer. A little enhancement, a little contrast …

And these two images came out of the mix.

This first one, I’m calling “Perception.”

Perception. BlackBerry KEYone camera phone. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Now that’s nice, but you know I’m not going to sit on just one shot.

Not when this other photo also has some serious spark to it. And this one I’m calling “The Ocular 6,” in that not only do you get that “bending Venetian blinds” look, but the frame and outline of my spectacles does seem to recreate the number 6.

The Ocular 6. BlackBerry KEYone camera phone. (c) 2021 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

So let’s toss these two images into the short pile, because if there IS a Competition Season in 2021, I’d like to have some ammunition for it.

At least, what I can use with it.


Ha ha, I said “see.”