The dog rescue charity that wasn’t.

I have a very microscopic tolerance for anyone who preys on a person’s sympathy – help the kids, help the vets, help the strays – as a backdrop for raising money. While there are charities that I do support, there are others that appear to be charitable in name only. As in, you have no idea if the money they’re raising is actually going to its intended purpose.

Now I understand that charities have to spend money on things like fundraising and overhead. But the most productive charities are the ones that keep their overhead low and their charitable work high.

I am personally supportive of animal humane societies and rescue organizations. Whatever we can do to stop the puppy mills and the designer dog trade makes me a happy man. I’ve donated in the past to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, as well as to other charities in other states. That’s how I roll.

And then we have something called Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Apparently Big Dog Ranch Rescue enjoys using Trump properties for their fundraising. And they spend the lion’s share of their budget on these events. The Internal Revenue Service has found that Big Dog Ranch Rescue has, since 2014, spent nearly $2 million in housing and fundraising locations at Trump’s properties, including dropping $225,000 for a Mar-a-Lago hosted fundraiser.

Oh, and maybe I should mention that the chairperson of Big Dog Ranch Rescue is someone named Lara Trump.

That’s Mrs. Eric Trump.

As in Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law.

So all that charitable money is spent exclusively at Trump properties and at Trump resorts and at Trump golf links, which means that all the charity money goes right into Donald Trump’s pockets.


I should note that thanks to egregious and blatant swindling and theft by various Donald Trump-based charities, Trump and his family are barred from operating any sort of charity in New York.

Oh, and the topper on that ruling? That was when Eric Trump – Lara Trump’s husband – was caught playing fast and loose with charitable donations that were originally contributed to St. Jude’s Hospital. That’s right. Eric Trump’s charity asked for donations for children’s cancer and it went to other expenses, none of which included St. Jude’s Hospital.

I repeat. Ugh.

Again, this is the Trump family playing on emotions. Who wouldn’t want to help animals in need? Who wouldn’t want to help children with birth defects? Who wouldn’t want to support our veterans in the sunset of their years?

Yet, in the same breath, stories like the ones involving Big Dog Ranch Rescue makes donors leery of giving money to anyone. And that’s upsetting.

But then again, this is the Trump family. Always has been … always will be.

Just know that the only charity these grifters care about is the Donald J. Trump Back Pocket Foundation.

One more time. Ugh.