So I’m at Blog Post #5008…

Last night, I received an e-mail from the Times Union, where I previously blogged from 2009 to 2017. When I left in 2017, the TU provided me with 8 years of blog posts that enabled me to upload and import them into this website.

Last night, I received an e-mail that the last three months of my blog – which I hadn’t initially received when I left the TU blogfarm – was finally being provided to me.

A few moments with WordPress’s importer … and now my blog is truly complete.

See, when the TU originally sent me my archives, they only went from August 2009 to the end of 2016. But that still left me with three months (and a day) of materials that were archived on the TU site, that were not provided to me. That’s about three months of Collarworld stories, photo excursions (including my urban exploration of Frontier Town for the photo Faith and Frost), as well as my successful exhibition of my photo Step and Pivot at the 2017 Photo Regionals.

But now they are officially imported into, so my archives are as complete as possible.

That being said, once I uploaded everything – and cleared out the duplicates – I discovered that, lo and behold, I had passed the 5,000 blog post mark. Now this isn’t counting my earliest posts, which I haven’t gotten around to importing on this site, but heck, 5,000 blog posts is a helluva mark.

And by the way, my 5,000th blog post is officially the blog that features this photo.

The Ocular 6. BlackBerry KEYone camera phone. Photo (c) 2021 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Yep, my photos Perception and The Ocular 6 are collectively my 5,000th blog post.

And with that, nearly four years after I left the TU portal … I now possess all my full archives. And whatever is still part of the TU blogfarm will be archived away. Probably stored on some USB flash drive and left behind an old stained coffee cup on Chris Churchill’s desk.

With those blog posts restored to my portal, it now means that I have tangible proof that I have blogged for nearly twelve straight years … without missing a single day. Damn. I was still driving my first car – a Pontiac 6000 – back then (that’s pre-Dracourage, pre-Blackbird, pre-Cardachrome). I was shooting with a Nikon D70 back in the day (that’s pre-Nikon Df, pre-Nikon D700, pre-Raskolnikov, pre-Kodak Red, pre-AGFA Clipper, pre-everything else).

So thanks, Times Union. And I know that you’re working hard to get everybody else’s requested archives. Good.

Meanwhile … 5,000 blog posts? By the way, that comes out to 4,220 consecutive days of blogging, without missing a single day.

But now the next goal to shoot for is May 8, 2023.

That will give me 5,000 consecutive days of blogging.

I’ll definitely circle that on a calendar.

Once I get my mitts on a 2023 calendar. 😀