The Nightowl Radio Show playlist for March 19, 2021

The following is a playlist for the broadcast of the Nightowl Radio Show, a one-hour college radio show on station WHCL-FM.  The show can be streamed tonight at 7:00 p.m. Eastern at

Tonight’s show is a special retrospective of the 1980’s record label Rocshire.

7:01 PMTony CareyI Won’t Be Home TonightI Won’t Be Home Tonight
7:06 PMTony CareyHai Samurai (Yellow Power Version)Yellow Power
7:09 PMSuzy AndrewsDer KommisarSuzy Andrews
7:14 PMCee FarrowShould I Love You
7:18 PMLenny WilliamsLove SoldierChanging
7:24 PMDinReptilesGreat Tradition
7:28 PMAlcatrazzHiroshima Mon AmourNo Parole from Rock N’ Roll
7:33 PMMetallicaHit The LightsKill ‘Em All (Deluxe / Remastered)
7:38 PMButch Patrick (Eddie and the Monsters)Whatever Happened to Eddie?
7:40 PMTony CareyWest Coast Summer NightsI Won’t Be Home Tonight
7:44 PMThe SuttonsKraazy
7:50 PMCaroTurn It Off
7:54 PMCitizen KaneHot Blooded Rocker