You mean there WILL be a Competition Season 2021? For reals???

It’s one of the signs that our world is returning to some semblance of post-COVID normalcy.

I just received word that the Iowa State Fair, one of my locales for my annual “Competition Season” of photography, WILL indeed operate in 2021, and they’ve already sent out a call for entries for images.

And I immediately started picking through my photos that would have been part of a 2020 Competition Season – yes this one, yes that one, no not that one, oh boy this one. And I’ll surely be doing this for the next five weeks, since I can’t mail any photos in to Iowa until May 17th at the latest.

I have had some success at Iowa in the past; my splitfilm photo The AGFA Bridge Over Ansco Lake garnered a blue silk; while my themed photo What the Grasshopper Saw snagged a third-place ribbon.

The AGFA Bridge Over Ansco Lake. AGFA Chief camera, AGFA 200 color print film wrapped in Ansco 616 B&W film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.
What the Grasshopper Saw. Nikon Df camera, Kenko 180’degree fisheye lens. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Now, of course, there is a special theme category this year, which for 2020 – er, 2021 – is Shadows. But honestly, I’m not thinking that far ahead. I’ve got images that still need some love here.

Perhaps there’s a shot from 2020 that I can use. Maybe even one from this year.

Oh, who am I kidding? I didn’t take that many photos in 2021.

Not yet, anyway.

Because once this second dose of Pfizer finishes coursing through my bloodstream, I’m planning a photo trip. Yes I am.

And another one after that.

Trust me, the fact that one little competition at one little State Fair has suddenly sparked and piqued my interests again …

This is good. It’s hope. It’s desire.

And I’m already looking at six different photos (including some that were earmarked for Iowa last year) for my four-image limit.

Truly … let’s make this happen.