So the other Chuck the Writer blog died today.

Follow along with me.

It’s April 2017, and the Times Union and I just had our major schism. As I left, I requested my archives, so that I could import them into a new portal.

They eventually sent the archives to me. And I uploaded the archives to the new blog portal.

And the blog portal was immediately flagged for inappropriate content and shut down.

Wait, what??

See, when the TU sent me the archives, some techie there inserted a code into the archives that made it look as if I was importing something unacceptable. And the new hosting site, not knowing the difference when it received 8 1/2 years of blog posts, essentially coughed.

So not five days into my new blog portal, I already had to scramble for a new outlet.

So I went online, and purchased And I started posting there.

A day later, WordPress contacted me, apologized for shutting down, and activated it for public view again.

So what did that mean?

It meant that I now had TWO Chuckthewriter portals. And I was paying for two distinctly different Chuckthewriter portals.

I thought about using both portals and posting the same content in each, but that lasted about a week before I grew tired of the idea.

I then tried to rebrand the portal into an outlet for my etsy site, but I grew tired of that option as well.

So after one auto-renew of the site …

Today, i received word that the domain for had expired.

That’s fine. One less thing to worry about in my life. And I’m fine with that.

I really only need one blog, I don’t need a blog and a shadow blog, or a blog and a repeater blog. Trust me, I have enough varying topics that I don’t have to spread my posts over multiple outlets. One multi-themed blog is just fine for me.

It’s also nice to save a few pennies. There’s really no sense in spending money that doesn’t even give you any sort of positive remuneration.

So – the site your on right now – will continue indefinitely. has faded into the ether.

And that’s fine. I’m good with that.

And from there, we can continue on. 😀