Clout-chasing in the House of Representatives: or, AOC > MTG.

Clout-chasing is a term in which someone tries to build their reputation by engaging someone famous in a confrontation or an argument, in the hopes that such interaction will build their own personal brand. For instance, let’s say unknown rapper MC Dumpy Drawrz starts releasing diss tracks about Jay-Z, in the hopes that Jay-Z will engage him in a rap battle. MC Drumpy Drawrz is therefore engaging in clout-chasing.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, we currently have a similar type of clout-chasing, in which first-term Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) has been trying to engage Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in any sort of turf war. And MTG’s efforts have been as childish and pointless.

Step one.

MTG has been trying to bait AOC into bringing up the Green New Deal as a debate on the House floor. AOC has not taken the bait. Later on MTG claimed to have received the Green New Deal materials from AOC, as so said in this tweet.

A day later, MTG tweeted this out – and you can seriously see her basis and opinions on the proposal ahead of time.

And when AOC chose to ignore her, MTG continued her incendiary barrage.

Maggie Q … slow your roll a second. Just because you can do 20 chin-ups in a CrossFit competition does not mean you can take on Congress’ most skilled debater. It ain’t happening. AOC would dogwalk you all the way from the House floor to Statuary Hall and back. You would technically be bringing a spork to a knife fight.

So, apparently, MTG decided to up the ante. Yesterday, as AOC was leaving Congress for the night, MTG began more incendiary attacks, hurling vulgarities at AOC as the New York Congresswoman walked away. According to the Washington Post, MTG screamed at AOC, suggesting that AOC was supporting terrorists and the mythical entity Antifa.

AOC continued to walk away, while MTG later told a pool of reporters that AOC was chicken for refusing to debate MTG on the Green New Deal.

Okay. First off, I get this cross-eyed CrossFitter’s game. Poke and poke and poke until something happens. If AOC refuses, then MTG can run back to her QAnon fundraising team and claim, “Oh, AOC’s too chicken to interview me.” And if AOC does offer a debate, MTG can spout off her usual QAnon crapola and claim victory before the first rebuttal.

This is the problem. MTG is using that “clout-chasing” game plan. If she can get AOC to acknowledge her, then she’s won.

But if we’re going to go to the tale of the tape, we can do that.

AOC = double major from Boston University, BA in economics and international relations.
MTG = Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Georgia.

AOC = finished second place in a national science fair; has an asteroid named after her.
MTG = believes in Jewish space lasers.

AOC = sits on two Congressional committees, Financial Services and Oversight / Government Relations.
MTG = kicked off her committees for her incendiary statements.

AOC = straight-up queen.
MTG = straight-up cuckoo.

Trust me, the fact that I’m even wasting today’s blog post on Marjorie Taylor Greene, when I could be blogging about ten other topics, tells me that this woman needs a swift kick back to whatever Planet Fitness gym she crawled out of. I’m telling you, MTG is so clueless, she probably thinks the Green New Deal is named after her.

Yeah, AOC doesn’t need this crap from MTG. AOC’s got more important things to do with her life.

You know, like … be a congresswoman and not be a clown like MTG.