Things that weigh 25 pounds (and one thing that doesn’t)

You know what weighs at least 25 pounds?

  • Two bowling balls
  • A good-sized watermelon
  • A two-year-old child
  • Half of a bag of mulch
  • Five bags of sugar
  • 30 cans of soda
  • At least two car tires
  • Three gallons of water
  • Two large bottles of laundry detergent
  • A standard box of reams of paper
  • A frozen turkey and a couple of frozen chickens

You know what doesn’t weigh about 25 pounds any more?

My waist.

I shall explain.

As a Type II diabetic, I had to take daily injections of insulin. And recently, my weight had ballooned up to nearly 250 pounds. Ugh. Jabba the Chuck.

I recently switched to a new once-weekly injection called Trulicity, and slowly weaned myself off the insulin. And in doing so … my weight started to drop.

This morning, I stepped on my digital bathroom scale … and now I’m at 224. Wow. I lost the equivalent of any of the entries from the list you see above.

this is a good thing. I’m slowly getting my health back to some sort of normalcy, especially after several personal injuries and this recent COVID pandemic.

Now I’m not saying that Trulicity will turn me into some chiseled Jack LaLanne clone, but I do like the idea of leaving about 25 pounds of my personal existence behind.

And I’m kinda good with that.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please be aware that at no time did I receive any remuneration for, or payment in exchange for an endorsement of, Trulicity or any other medicines. Please consult your physician or doctor or endocrinologist to see if Trulicity will or will not benefit you. Follow your medical professional’s guidelines. This blog is not a substitute for medical advice. The information in this blog is only pertinent to the blogwriter’s experience. Trust me, I’m just blogging about this because I made 25 pounds disappear, and I’m not taking daily insulin shots. So there’s that.