In honor and in glory of Ms. Ruby Hughes.

During my time in high school, it was not unusual for my classmates to have very dedicated familial forces that kept students in school under every possible method. You knew these mothers as much as you knew their sons and daughters.

One such mother was Ruby Hughes. She was mother to one of my classmates, Fredericka Hughes, and you knew right off the bat that she not only cared about her children, but she also made damn sure they got an education and made something of themselves.

She applied that same drive in her position working with Trinity Alliance of the Capital District. During her tenure with that organization, she helped hundreds of at-risk youth go from handouts to way outs.

Which is why, when Fredericka posted the news on her Facebook page, I cleared my calendar.

The intersection of Westerlo and Trinity in Albany’s South End would receive a special rededication as Ruby A. Hughes Way. This is very important, and it shows how beloved Ms. Hughes was in the community.

The dedication ceremony was last Saturday at noon. First off, although we’re Facebook friends, there’s nothing that prevents me from getting in a selfie with an old high school bud.

Then, at noon, the dignitaries all gave speeches. Dignitaries like Common Council representative Cory Ellis, and Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan.

And then … with the extended Hughes family in place, and a benediction by Rev. Lisa Good, … the blue cloth that covered the street sign was removed. And Ruby A. Hughes Way was dedicated, in pride and in power.

Tell me that’s not an awesome moment. Mayor Sheehan then presented a replica sign to the Hughes family, and more photos were taken and shared.

And one more. I asked Fredericka if she would hold up the sign while she stood at the intersection. got the photo. Amazing what you can pull off with a BlackBerry these days.

This is an absolutely wonderful moment for the Hughes family, as well as for the family of Trinity Alliance of the Capital District. The work Ms. Hughes did for her community and for her neighbors should merit at least 20 streets to be renamed in her honor. But for now … let’s celebrate Ruby A. Hughes Way.

I’m definitely good with that. 😀