Hey, when nature calls, you’d better answer.

A long time ago, I blogged about some dog agility competition videos – first I showed a dog raced through the obstacle course like there was a plate of Alpo at the end of the run, and then I showed a dog who was just taking his sweet time through the course like it was a walk in the park.

Hi, Winky!

So I have some more of those cool videos to show.

First, let’s show these little good boys and girls as they rip through the 2020 Westminster Dog Show agility competitions. Damn, they’re fast as anything.

And then we have this little guy who … well … he does pretty well throughout the course, but when he comes to the slalom poles …

Well, honestly, it is a dog show… and he probably saw those slalom poles and thought, man, this obstacle scares me shitless – and next thing you know, we all discovered what “shitless” means.

A little bit of Friday fun for you today.