The Powerpuff Girls reboot wasn’t needed.

There was a time when Cartoon Network had some great original animation programs that were eye-catching and fun to watch. You know, Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack and Johnny Bravo and The Powerpuff Girls.

I liked The Powerpuff Girls, it was a mixture of pop culture and bright-colored fun, with three super-powered heroines righting wrongs in the City of Townsville. It’s action-packed adventure with a wink and a nod. Fun stuff.

So recently there was a report that the CW television network was looking at creating a modern-day reboot of the Powerpuff Girls team, in which Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup were now 20-somethings and rebelling against their original good-girl image.

And although the show wasn’t picked up for the 2021-2022 broadcast season … it did have some … um … questionable lines in the script. Take a look at these Twitter leaks.

Yikes. Here’s some more lines from the pilot.

Um … er … no. Simply, no.

For some reason, these television reboot series all seem to want to tear down the original enjoyment of our children’s programming. I’ve been avoiding Riverdale like the plague, because I don’t need a gritty take on the old Archie comics. And don’t get me started on that weird fan theory that Thomas the Tank Engine and Snowpiercer share the same universe.

But hey, it’s not like the CW hasn’t gotten involved with questionable reboots of classic Saturday morning fare.

Case in point – they took the way-cool 1970’s show Electra Woman and Dyna Girl … which looked like this …

And they turned Electra Woman into a sex-crazed booze hound for an updated pilot that thankfully was never brought to series.


Hey, television producers and such. Listen up. Do not take any more chunks out of my personal childhood’s viewing lineup. I do not need to know that the Pirates of Dark Water later became extortionists who kidnapped oil tankers for ransom. We don’t want a show in which the Smurfs became the bad guys and Gargamel was the pious monk who needed protection from their population growth. Or that Davey and Goliath became religious zealots who championed restrictive anti-abortion laws in their community.

No. Stop. Hands off.

If you want to make new Powerpuff episodes, great. Just don’t make them where Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles are sex crazed booze hounds. Just don’t. Please.

This isn’t a cancel culture request. I just don’t need to know that Saturday morning cartoon characters got busy with each other when the series ended. Stuff like that is shock value for the sake of shock value.

And for the colorful Powerpuff Girls … stuff like that is about as colorful as beige.