Matt Gaetz got trolled from the grassy knoll.

Background. Every so often, someone posts this image and asks their friends to share it, as a patriotic reminder of those who served in Vietnam.

Image of 'Vietnam Vets' Is a Still From a Movie |

Of course, it’s a little hard to believe this is a Vietnam war photo, when the three “soldiers” on the far right are Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. (in blackface) and Jack Black. Yep, that’s an image from the comedy film Tropic Thunder, which is NOT a documentary about the Vietnam War. But every year, people think they’re posting some patriotic photo of a platoon, only to look like pfutzes afterward. Oopsie.

Which brings us, believe it or not, to Rep. Matt Gaetz.

I swear, there are days when I think that Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (Q-FL) is dumber than a bag of wet mice. And the best part is, he got completely clowned on Memorial Day.

Let me explain.

A man named Ken Klippenstein asked Rep. Gaetz to retweet a photo, telling Gaetz that the photo was of Klippenstein’s grandfather. Gaetz retweeted it instantly.


Klippenstein then asked conservative blowhard Matt Schlapp to do the same. Schlapp not only retweeted the image; he also added some patriotic fervor to the retweet.


Oh wait, it gets better. After former game show host and self-proclaimed conservative provocateur Chuck Woolery had to crawl out from under his rock to let everybody know that he’s just as creepy as he is bigoted, he also retweeted the image, albeit from another party who joined in spreading the image around.


And then we have a grand slam – this time, a retweet from convicted felon and political idiot Dinesh D’Souza, whose education seemed to have sprung from his many semesters at Trump University, where he graduated magna cum lousy.


So who is Grandpa Klippenstein?

Well, a reverse image search might bring up this photo, complete with the same folds and distress as in the previous pictures.

Yep, that’s a Getty Images photo. The location of the original photo is at the National Archives.

Of course it is. That’s Private First Class Lee Harvey Oswald.

Yep. Matt Gaetz, Matt Schlapp and Dinesh D’Souza blindly retweeted what they presumed was a photo of a vintage soldier, only instead to give their endorsement to a man who murdered a President. Yes, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, he acted of his own intent and control, and any other conspiracy theory that says otherwise is complete bunk.

But be that as it may …

The moment the Lee Harvey Oswald retweet gaffe spread, another image was brought to Rep. Matt Gaetz’s notice. This little image.


Well now.

Here’s the thing. We do want to honor those who served and those who gave their lives for our nation. And honoring them is a great thing, especially on Memorial Day Weekend.

But, jeez, man… Klippenstein could have posted a picture of one of Hogan’s Heroes and I doubt that Matt Gaetz would have noticed. I mean, a retweet is a retweet…

I’m sorry, but this is total Matt Gaetz. He got played like a bongo.

And here I thought that Marjorie Taylor Greene was the dumbest member of Congress.

Matt Gaetz sure took the lead this week.